Child and Baby Family Courses

This short course is perfect for parents, soon-to-be parents, grandparents and/or carers of children who want a basic understanding of First Aid principles to use in everyday life.

This course does not offer any certification as its purpose is to provide the knowledge and confidence to perform basic First Aid actions in an emergency.

What we cover:

Primary Survey

Recovery position

Resuscitation and the use of an AED




Signs and Symptoms of Meningitis


We run regular courses in Sussex which are available to book on to at the per person rate.

We are able to run this course for a private group at a venue of your choice in the Southeast of England. You will need to provide a room with a presentation screen which is big enough for the group to perform practical assessments on each other. Alternatively, we can source a venue for you if required.


  • Private group rates on request. Costs include all training and equipment usage.

“Katie came to our parents house so we were in a relaxed environment and were able to care for the children at the same time as the course to ensure that no family member missed out. In just a few hours Katie imparted vital and specific knowledge on first aid for babies and toddlers which we all benefited from. Katie’s calm demeanour combined with up to date simulation tools meant that we could put her theory into direct practice to ensure the information was better retained. I would definitely recommend this course for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone who is in the care of small children.”

Joey, Private family course organiser and attendee

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