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I’ve won an award! (And I am going to show it off as I am really proud!)

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A while ago I was sent an email saying you have been shortlisted for an education and training award and being the sceptical person I am I thought it has to be a scam. So, I looked into it, called them, spoke to some of the team and realised I really had been put forward for an award.

Skip forward a few months and I received an email saying congratulations you have won the Corporate Vision Education and Training Awards ‘First Aid Course Provider of the Year 2023 – Sussex’!

As many of you know, I started teaching first aid 5 years ago after the birth of my son. I have taken part in first aid courses regularly since I was 16 and have dealt with a large number of varying first aid instances in my life all of which lead me to take this path.

It was only however when I started consistently teaching, that I realised just how important it is for everyone to learn basic first aid and first aid for mental health. Whether you are a teacher, a warehouse worker, an office member, a child, a parent, a carer, a hospitality manager (I could go on with my examples) first aid and first aid for mental health can hit every area of your life and knowing how to do some very simple things and feel confident you could help someone who needed your support could be life changing.

It is why I teach all the courses I do (listed below if you are interested!) and have the mantra to make my courses informal, engaging and interactive so you not only go away with a qualification, if that is your objective, but also real confidence you could support someone if needed.

  • Emergency First Aid at Work (one day course)
  • First Aid at Work (three day course)
  • Emergency and Paediatric First Aid (one or two day course)
  • Parent First Aid (2 hours)
  • First Aid for children (3 hours – or bespoke requirements in schools)
  • CPR & defibrillator use (1 hour)
  • First Aid for Mental Health (1/2 or 1 day course remote or in person)

I think (and hope) I received this award because my mantra is shining through in all the courses I do and therefore the feedback I receive. But also I hope I received it because of the social updates and information I try to regularly give on my Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, website blogs and within my monthly newsletter.

I believe that if you don’t use it you lose it and therefore these regular updates I send out are a way to keep first aid and first aid for mental health at the front of your mind in case it is needed.

So I am going to end this month’s blog by saying YAY ME! There have been a lot of tough times running my own business (thanks Covid to name a big one) but awards like this really help to raise my confidence and motivation in what I am doing and hopefully you will see this shining through in everything I do.

If you would like to learn more about first aid and/or first aid for mental health for your own situation not book one of my upcoming bookable first aid courses or discuss a private courses for your team by emailing me at

If you would like more hints and tips on all things basic first aid, head over to my Instagram page: or Facebook or LinkedIn

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Most Popular First Aid Courses

Emergency First Aid at Work


First Aid for Mental Health

1/2 - 2 days

Child and Baby Family Courses

2½ hours

Each course offers different objectives and skills tailored to your specific needs. Speak to us to discuss the one that is right for you or your team.

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