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As we are reaching the end of the year I wanted to write a short nostalgic blog..

It is a year since I trained to become a Nuco accredited First Aid instructor (I know this because my LinkedIn profile just told me!) and I am seriously not looking back! What an incredible 12 months it has been.

I can not stress enough how much I love teaching basic First Aid. I love working with people from all different walks of life with different objectives and giving them the confidence that should an incident happen around them they would know how to help someone or get further help if needed. In some cases, particularly on baby and child first aid courses, I have physically seen the weight come off some people’s shoulders.

In my own blogging style I am going to run you through the highlights of my First Aid training year with a few questions to myself:

How many courses have I run?

Being the nerdy excel lover I am this is an easy one to answer.. I have run 37 courses this year, of which 18 have been the Emergency First Aid at Work course, 14 have been baby and child parent courses and then the others made up of Paediatric First Aid, Emergency Paediatric First Aid and Activity First Aid.

This is a whopping 276 people having a greater knowledge of First Aid and hopefully being able to support the people around them in a first aid incident.

Which course has been my favourite?

This is a really tough question as all the courses have been fun because of the comradery had as the groups get to know each other better. If I had to choose one though I would say it was a course I ran in the first half of the year at a private rental apartment company.

The team there were a mix of maintenance, hospitality and office staff who you wouldn’t necessarily have thought would gel perfectly on a course. As we got into all the practicals though, wow! There were some amazing role plays taking place and, as we ran the course out of one of their apartments, they came up with some great first aid incidences such as a guest having collapsed in the bathroom, burns in the kitchen and CPR needing to take place in the bedroom.

Which course has been the most challenging?

The course itself that I am choosing was not the most challenging, it was the location. In the summer I ran a course for Jos Buttler (Cricket World Cup 2019 England champion wicket keeper), his wife and their NCT group in a park common in SouthWest London.

We decided to run it outside as the weather was so nice, and whilst the course was fantastic, the group all commented on how helpful and important it was to do, I was kept on my toes with feeding/crying/sleeping newborns, dogs being walked who decided to come and say hello to us and trying out our practicals on picnic blankets, park benches and the like! It really was a great course and I would happily run a similar course in that environment again if it made sense.

What is the best question I have been asked?

I have been asked loads of interesting questions at each course, usually to do with experiences people have had in the past. Questions have ranged from how do you use an autoinjector (see @anderssonfirstaidtraining on Facebook for a video of just this), what to do if a child has a febrile seizure, what do I think is the most important thing to put in a first aid kit, but my favourite has to be… do I teach doggy First Aid. I don’t by the way but it is a thing and it entertains me greatly that people with or without pets are so interested in it!

So that is a wrap for this year. I am off to enjoy Christmas with my two year old, husband, sister and all the parents/grandparents.

If you are interested in organising your own course in 2020 whether it be an accredited and regulated course for work or a short course for use at home please pop me a message and lets organise a call to discuss your options.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous new year!

Katie x

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