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A look back at 2023

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look back at 2023

January, a time to look back at the year before, take stock of the good, the not so good and the amazing and a chance to let you know about my goals for the coming year!

2023 has been a fantastic year for Andersson First Aid Training. In terms of numbers I have taught 625 people over 51 courses or info sessions.

That is 625 people who now know more physical or mental health first aid and are better prepared to support a colleague, a friend or family member, a random person on the street with first aid if needed.

As someone at one of my CPR and defib sessions to a social group said, “You’ve definitely saved someone’s life today by teaching us about the defibrillator tonight”.    

I also was privileged to receive my first education and training award (hopefully of many!!) for being the First Aid Provider of the Year – 2023 in Sussex. Receiving this award really cemented to me how important my ethos to make courses fun, engaging and interactive is and I very much plan to continue this into 2024.

I run a number of different courses and have lots of proud (and some funny!) memories from them and thought I would share with you some of the main ones:

Emergency First Aid at Work

  • Course overview: A one day course which gives a regulated and accredited qualification valid for three years. It gives a general overview of First Aid and satisfies the requirements of the HSE.

Whilst it obviously has specific objectives, I aim to make sure everyone goes away having thought about their own personal work environment and takes more confidence they would know what to do if a serious situation needed their help.  

  • Who attends: I run these courses as bookable or private courses;
    • The bookable courses are run x1 a month and are available at different venues in East and West Sussex and SW London. They are attended by individuals or small businesses who only need 1 or 2 people trained. I have had bar staff, chefs, office managers, tennis coaches, event managers, production managers, warehouse staff, physios, personal trainers to name a few attendees.
    • The private courses are organised by businesses who would like to train their whole team at their own work environment. This is a great opportunity for an informal team build (as they all laugh and get to know each other well!) and also feel more confident in the work location as we discuss possible situations and challenges as we look around the venue.    
  • Favourite memory: The scenario role plays. On every course I get people thinking about their own specific work environment and what they might come across. We’ve tried out dealing with casualties in all kind of spaces; cupboards, stairways, warehouses, production areas to name a few!
  • 2024: My bookable courses are available up until March at the moment with January’s course taking place next week in Putney, February 23rd in Uckfield and March 19th in Haywards Heath. I have space for private courses from February onwards so please get in touch to book if this is of interest.  

Paediatric and Emergency Paediatric First Aid

  • Course overview: A one day or two day (blended) first aid course for anyone who looks after children in a work capacity. The one-day course is an overview of all areas of First Aid and the two day drills down into a number of first aid areas whilst giving a qualification which satisfies EYFS and Ofsted.  
  • Who attends: I run private courses for school teachers and support staff, nannies and childminders.
  • Favourite memory: The stories. At each of these courses, the childcare teams reminisce about incidences, explain tricky situations they have been in and / or how they have diffused first aid situations with the use of just some blue roll! It is lovely to see the passion they all have for teaching and/or caring for children and the supportive nature of their roles.
  • 2024: I am running a number of these courses on school inset days and within term time for schools and academies in the SouthEast. I am also discussing with a group a nannies and childminders organising a course for them all together. If you would like to join a group course like this please let me know.

First Aid for Mental Health and First Aid for Mental Health Awareness

  • Course overview: A Level 1 – 3 (Awareness/First Aider/Supervisor) regulated and accredited course available in person or online via distance learning. This fantastic course gives an overview of a number of mental health conditions and discussed ways to have a conversation with someone you are worried about and ways to implement a mental health action plan in the workplace.
  • Who attends: I run these on a bookable and private course basis;
    • The bookable courses run are the level 2 First Aid for Mental Health courses online via distance learning. I run these every few months and attendees have included event managers, hospitality personnel and hairdressers.
    • The private courses are run by businesses who want to ensure their whole team, or a large amount of their team are aware of how to support others in their office or work environment with their mental health. The companies that have booked these courses, generally take mental health very seriously and want to have the opportunity to gain more tools and understanding to support those in the work environment.   
  • Favourite memory: Seeing the confidence grow in attendees as we discuss how to help those in their team they are worried about. This can be an emotive course for some but every feedback after this course has been positive and attendees all feel so much more positive about supporting those around them.
  • 2024: With First Aid for Mental Health becoming more formally required in the workplace I know these will be getting busy.

I am running my next bookable First Aid for Mental Health course one on the 5th February. I also have space for private courses of any of the levels, plus First Aid for Youth Mental Health, for anyone interesting in discussing dates and options.

First Aid for Children

  • Course overview: A bespoke course dependent on age and/or a mini medics certificate qualification course covering areas like how to call 999, how to help a friend choking, how to put on a bandage for a cut, and for older children how to perform CPR.
  • Who attends: I teach different elements of First Aid to different age groups. Youngest age is 3 years old learning how to call 999 through to 16 years old learning a variety of First Aid techniques.
  • Favourite memory: Teaching a group of Beavers specific elements of First Aid to complete their First Aid badge. It was fantastic seeing them all take away little bits of information useful to them and have fun doing it.
  • 2024: I will be going into more schools and child settings teaching basic first aid. If you would like to organise sessions at your school please get in touch to discuss options.

Baby and child first aid for home

  • Course overview: A short two-hour course covering the basics of first aid to make soon to be parents, new parents, parents of multiples, parents of toddlers (you get the idea!), grandparents, friends and general family feel more comfortable looking after babies and children at home.
  • Who attends:  I run these courses privately for groups of parent friends, school parents or NCT style groups.
  • Favourite memory: Seeing parents visibly relax when they realise they know how to look after their child in a first aid situation should it arise. The feedback to these sessions is always the same, I am so glad I took part this evening, I feel so much better.
  • 2024:  I have several private courses taking place at the moment and have spaces available for more from next month.   

Bespoke Refresher Courses

  • Course overview: A short one to two-hour course covering areas of first aid of interest to the organsier. The majority of these courses cover CPR and using a defibrillator as well as finding out where their local defibrillator is located.  
  • Who attends:  I run these courses for groups who want to refresh after joining or organising an EFAW course or for councils or social groups who would like to give their members more knowledge and confidence in first aid.
  • Favourite memory: Turning up to teach a group of 30 about their local defibrillator to be told we need to swap rooms as 127 have turned up! It is so great to see people actively wanting to learn about how to use a defib and taking away confidence after just an hour.
  • 2024:  I have several private sessions taking place in the next couple of months for U3A, WI and local village groups. If you are interested in booking a similar session do get in touch.

2023 was a great year for me and I am hopeful 2024 will be just as god if not better! I am excited for the plans I have ahead and look forward to ensuring all my courses whether physical or Mental Health First Aid related, regulated for a qualification or informal for children or social groups, are all fun, engaging and interactive so you go away feeling more confident in your own First Aid abilities.

If you are interested in joining one of my bookable courses or organising your own private course for either your team at work or homelife, please do pop me a message at or give me a call 07957 956906, I would love to look at options for you.

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Each course offers different objectives and skills tailored to your specific needs. Speak to us to discuss the one that is right for you or your team.

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