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A Covid-19 / face to face training update

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This month I wanted to give you an update. It is too long and detailed for a social media post so I thought this would be the best way to do it.

With Covid-19 still rumbling on but people and businesses wanting to get back to what they do best and also get any training they need, I know it is really important to understand what we can and can’t do at the moment with regards to first aid training.

Below is detail based on information I have received from the HSE and my awarding organisation as of Friday 22nd May. It will change/update – it does all the time, but it is the most significant update I have been given so far so I thought really worth sharing..

Can I come on a first aid course gain a first aid qualification for work?

The big question! At the moment, courses can only be run for essential key workers if it is absolutely necessary (more on qualification expiry dates and validity later – as some rules have been changed to support everyone during this time). This training can only take place if it is essential for the people on the courses to do their jobs.

For anyone who doesn’t hit this criteria, courses can begin running, theoretically, when the government has lowered the coronavirus threat level to 3 in England (it is currently around 3.5). At this point HSE and my awarding body will be administering strict guidlines and procedures all courses must adhere to with regards to social distancing and PPE to ensure we keep everyone safe on these courses.

Because I know this is all coming, I am currently working on detailed risk assessments and course planning for each public venue I use. Safety at my courses is a number one priority – along with making sure you learn valuable life saving skills, have fun whilst doing it and gain your qualifications of course!

So when will Andersson First Aid Training start teaching again?

  • Public – Bookable Courses

I have already spoken to a number of venues I use for the courses and they have all come back with the same answer; that they do not expect to open doors until July and therefore the earliest I will be running these courses in Lindfield, Uckfield and Putney will be July.

I am currently working with each venue on gaining room floor plans to work out maximum group sizes and venue availability and will be contacting everyone who was due to join a course before covid lockdown began to get them booked on asap.

After this I will open the doors to any others who would like to join a course up to the maximum room capacity available (there is a maximum of 12 on a course usually, this number is likely to be less).

  • Private Courses

Again, I am beginning to speak to private businesses who I was due to work with before Covid lockdown to discuss the best time for them to run their courses.

As most offices, unless absolutely necessary, are still working from home or have teams furloughed the dates of these courses will be flexible and on a case by case basis.

Given the need for rigourous planning from my side I do not plan to run any of these courses before the beginning of July.

What does this mean if I have an expired First Aid qualification?

The HSE have stated that anyone who holds a qualification in one of the below courses which expires on or after the 16th March 2020 can qualify for an extension.

This extension, they have confirmed, will last until 30th September 2020 to allow everyone time to get their requalification.

To qualifiy for the extension you must be able to explain why you weren’t able to requalify and show the steps you have taken to access training if you are asked to do so.

  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • First Aid at Work
  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid
  • Paediatric First Aid

Note: This is information for England only, Scotland and Wales will be running to separate timelines.

Can I contact you to discuss joining a course or running a private course in the near future?

Yes please!! I would love to talk to you about this. I can not wait to get back teaching and giving as many people as possible life saving skills in a fun, informal and interactive environment!

If you are interested in joining my bookable Emergency First Aid at Work courses please pop me a message, or if you would like to organise any of the following courses for your team please do pop me an email:

  • Emergency First Aid (one day course)
  • First Aid at Work (three day course)
  • First Aid at Work refresher qualification (two day course)
  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid (one day course)
  • Paediatric First Aid (two day course)
  • Family First Aid (informal 2.5hr course)

Thank you

Finally, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for standing by me during this time.

It is tough for everyone but as a small business who has literally had to close doors, except for my short online courses (which are still available to book if you are interested 😉 ) it has been a difficult time which has been made easier by the great support I have had around me physically from my family and virtually from you lovely people.

I am determined to come back bigger and better than ever(!) and have a passion for ensuring my courses are easy to understand, interesting and thought provoking for everyone who attends.

I won’t put courses on until it is definitely safe to do so as my integrity is incredibly important to me. This means I can’t currently give concrete dates but I will keep giving you updates as regularly as I can so you can feel comfortable you will get what you need as soon as we are all physically able to do so.

Thanks again and, as always, any questions please do just pop me a message –

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