About us

I believe that First Aid training is something that everyone needs, whether young or old, for business or for general life. Although there are regulations in place to ensure there are specific numbers of first aiders in all public settings, I believe this should go deeper as knowledge really can saves lives.

My name is Katie and I run Andersson First Aid Training. I am a First Aid Instructor affiliated with Nuco Training and hold a Level 3 award in Education and Training. I have a wealth of First Aid hands-on experience through working as a lifeguard, tennis coach and Events Manager over the last 18 years and I bring this experience into all my courses to ensure relevant and realistic conversations are had when discussing potential situations.

I pride myself in making my courses feel less serious and formal than the subject matter actually is, and I aim to give the information in bite sized pieces whilst integrating a lot of practical and interactive work throughout, so it sticks in a participant’s head. Feedback on my approach has included a client with learning difficulties say “I found I managed to absorb all the information throughout the day, which is very unusual for me” and another who suffers from panic attacks when overwhelmed say that “At no point did I feel overwhelmed on the course and was very pleasantly surprised.”

Most Popular First Aid Courses

Emergency First Aid at Work


First Aid for Mental Health

1/2 - 2 days

Child and Baby Family Courses

2½ hours

Each course offers different objectives and skills tailored to your specific needs. Speak to us to discuss the one that is right for you or your team.

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